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Friends and Family

The sun is shining and temperatures are on the rise.  My gliding bench is in the yard draped with my newly finished siggy quilt beckoning  friends and family to come and visit.  

Which I have been doing a lot of lately.  I enjoyed two days with my sister, Lori from California.  A birth and a death gave her good reason to come and visit.  They also created an opportunity to have my nieces and nephews, brother, sisters and parents over for lunch and visiting.  The rope swing got the best work out it’s had all year.  

We heard many Maryisms.  One I just have to share.  It’s good for a laugh.  Mary is my four year old niece,  precocious, quite a problem solver and a new big sister.  On they way back from the funeral she tells me and my sister that grown ups are tricky.  When we ask her why, she says, “You ask them where we’re are going.  And they say, you’ll see.  And they take you to a funeral!”  I could not stop laughing.

I also spent and afternoon with three good friends.  We get together every other week to share what we have learned.  As mothers it seems sometimes that the only knowledge you gain is from Sesame Street and the only books you read are Dr. Seuss.  So we take time out to share one thing.  I learn so much.  We laugh and cry and learn that our families are not abnormal as we may sometimes think.

Now that my parents and sister have gone back to their homes I hope to return more regularly to the Land of Blog and see how my friends are doing here.


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