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When I visit my parents it’s a given we will be going garage sailing.  It’s always fun to see what treasures you can find.  I found some good ones this time.  Like this cute little sewing box.  I love the color!

I had to laugh when I found this great stitchery.  It reminded me of my DD.  Who seldom finds pleasure with needle and thread.  In case it is hard for you to read it says, “No time is wasted spent making a friend Stitched during the 9th year of my life and I hated every minute of it”   

I also found me some kickers, and cookie cutters.  Neil was pretty pleased with his finds also.  Another wild shirt (with Neil no shirt is too wild), and a jazz band statuette that plays jazz music.  Now Neil wants to go every weekend.  To bad where we live the garage sale season is coming to an end.


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