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Like I mentioned last week, my scrap quilts are inspired by my overflowing scrap bins.  I don’t know why it is by my lights bin fills up rather quickly.  I was teaching my free for all pattern recently.  And since the lights bin’s contents were spilling out I decided to make another free for all quilt (tute on my tutorial page.)  I’m using brights from my bits bin to be the chain and lights for everything else.

I’m pretty pleased so far.

Next week will start my guest bloggers for Scrap Happy Summer.  Here is the line up:

July 17–Nanette  http://fredashive.blogspot.com/

July 24– Deanna  http://weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/

July 31– Victoria  http://bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com/

Aug 7- Melissa http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/ 

Aug 14- Beth  http://lovelaughquilt.blogspot.com/

Aug 21- Brenda  http://scrapsandstrings.blogspot.com/

Aug 28- Nedra  http://cactus-needle.blogspot.com/

They are all very talented quilters and I can’t wait to hear from each one.  I just know we are going to learn so much!  🙂


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