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Getting My Wonky On

 I love my Sew Bee wonky group.  I love making blocks for them and I especially love the blocks they make for me.  Thanks to them I’ve been able to create quilts like this


and this

Well it is my month again ant this time I’m looking for a modern masculine look.  So I’m having them make these blocks for me.  

 Start with 2- 7″ squares; one light one dark

 Place the squares with right sides facing up as shown

 Take your ruler and cut a diagonal line through your squares

 Sew the light right half to the dark left half and the light left half to the dark right half by placing rights sides together off setting by 1/4″.

 Sew together and you get two simple blocks that can be put together in a myriad of ways.

 Thank you my Sew Bee Wonky ladies for all your beautiful blocks.


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