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Getting Ready

In just over a week I’ll be heading out to one of the three retreats I do each year.  I’ve been thinking and planning what projects I’ll be taking along for me weekend of sewing bliss.  In antcipation of maybe starting a few new projects I bought this book by Sarah Fielke, co auther of Material Obsession, of which I also own.

I also had a little shopping spree at Jackie’s Canton Village Quilt Works.  I love Jackie’s shop.  She has great fabric choices, good prices, and her service is oh so fast.  I was in search of Kona solids for several new projects.  So I bought me some this pretty little stack.

Next step is the necessary evil of quilting; cutting.  


  • Shari says:

    The retreat sounds fun. Hope you have a great time. Lovely solids there, and a great book too. So what's the plan? or do we have to wait until after the retreat?

  • LesQuilts says:

    Hi! My necessary evil is doing the quilting on the machine! It seams once you start, then there is the binding, then connecting the binding, then ironing it all, then sewing down the other side (which is ok with me), but if you only think flimsy, the design in your head becomes a real thing and is then finished!
    I guess that is why I have sooo many UFOs!
    Enjoy your retreat!
    Take care, Leslie

  • Abby and Stephanie says:

    Delicious stack of solids. Love Jackie's service and shop. I have a dream…that one day I'll go on a retreat!

  • *karendianne. says:

    What fun! What a luscious lovely stack of fabric calling your name. Slice and dice it with delight. 🙂

  • Deanna says:

    Mmmmm…yummy fabric. Like cake, though, it can only be fully appreciated after it is cut.

  • Aunt Spicy says:

    Someday I'll do a retreat….cant wait to hear about your adventures!

  • WesternWilson says:

    I confess I do like cutting…there is a zen quality to doing that chore, and I have taken care to set up a comfortable and efficient, dedicated cutting area. For large amounts of strips, I use my Accuquilt Go…great for strip cutting. And I also stop cutting when I feel tired or bored with it. If you do it when you are "in the mood/zone" you don't learn to hate it!

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