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I had a lovely evening the other night. I went to listen to Sally Murry speak about her experiences in Ghana, Africa. I wish I had remembered my camera so I could have taken her picture. I did bug my friend Lea to take a picture of this quilt. It was amazing. It was made for Sally by another lady that was helping set up schools in Ghana. The fabrics are so vibrant. I love all the designs in this quilt, both in the blocks and in the fabric.

I really loved the elephants in this fabric.

This is Sally teaching the ladies in Ghana to lead music.

This fabric was great. Don’t you love the women celebrating life here.Aren’t these baskets great! And the lizard is so fun.

Sally’s lecture was great! I enjoyed learning all that she and others are doing in Ghana. Her pictures of the people were fabulous. It makes me so want to go there. Someday…


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