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Glamping with Friends

Apparently my friends and I think alike, for while I was making camper pincushions my friends, Lorri and Michelle were planning a fun glamper  For those who may not know glamping is a form of glamorous camping.  Women fix up retro campers and dress in 50’s garb and camp together.

Sue’s camper

So Lorri and Michelle had everyone bring two sets fat eighths to exchange with the rest of the group.  They provided the sky, ground fabrics and pictures of various pictures of campers.    

Michelle’s Camper

Then we each set about making our camper.  Isn’t it fun to see how different they all turned out.    Love all the personality.

Lorri’s camper

Since I’m not much of a glamour girl I did a hippie bus.   After all my hubby calls me his hippie wife.

It was a fun retreat.  Love these talented ladies.  I’ll share our show and tell soon.


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