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While getting things ready to send my family out the door today I found granola bar that had somehow gotten smooched.  I knew no one would eat it so I decided to smash it a little more and make yogurt parfaits for my family for breakfast.  They were a hit!  A pretty good way to start the day.

Speaking of good starts, I have started the big stitch on my Web of Color quilt.

This may take awhile, but it is relaxing, and I’m loving the dimension it is adding to the quilt.

What good starts have you had this fine Monday morning?


  • Leila says:

    I love the scrapiness and multicolored quilting!

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    I've always wanted to stitch like this. Nice job.

  • Sarah Craig says:

    I got a good start on our new sewing space at church when I found the storage units I like at Target on sale!!

    I love your hand stitching – so pretty!

  • Mary K says:

    Funny how every time I check out you blog we are making or have made the same quilt recently. I like your spider quilt centers better than mine. I may do the big stitch because yours it SUPER.
    You are an inspiration.

  • hetty says:

    That quilt will be sensational! Yummy breakfast too! We have not had a good start to the past couple of days. It is cold, just above freezing, and we got lots of rain, hail and snow. But tomorrow should be nice again.

  • Lurline says:

    Great quilt – my sort if quilting!
    Hugs – Lurline.

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