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Pep talks have been given, lunches packed, and everyone sent on their merry way.  School is back in session and my quiet mornings have once again replaced with the rush of a family of six getting ready for the day.  May they each have a great day; learning, making new friends and finding hidden talents to develop.  That this year may be a great success for the Bailey team.

Speaking of teams my bloggy friend, Deanna and I make a pretty good one.  She has been supplying tops, backs and binding for quilts for Happy Chemo.

 While I provide the batting and quilting.  These two quilts are ones that we have put together to bring a little joy to someone in need.

This sweet one her daughter made to donate.  Isn’t that so sweet?  Didn’t she do a lovely job?  My friend and neighbor, Rella tied it for me.  I thought photographing it in front of DD playhouse was the perfect setting.  I probably should have moved our bikes but I stubbed my toe just as DD was leaving for school and it hurts so needless to say I didn’t move the bikes. 

Hope everyone has a great back to school!  Go team!


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