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Grandpa’s Wrench in Grandma’s Garden

I went to visit grandma this week. She is an amazing lady. Love her to death! She told me a joke.

She said,”They say I should exercise, but I’m pushing 90 and that’s all the exercise I can handle.”

She just cracks me up.

Speaking of grandmas I finished Grandpa’s Wrench in Grandma’s Garden. If you want to read the story behind this quilt you can go here and here. Thank you to everyone who gave input on this. I decided to follow Teri’s advice and keep it simple. I hand quilted it and added the prairie points. Thank you Teresa for that great idea. I wish I had notice that the ones in the bottom corner were turned over when I took the picture. Now it’s dark and I can’t fix it. Oh bother.

It’s Friday so I’ll be linking up with Amy’s Sew and Tell. Go have a visit and see what else has been created this week. There is always such fun stuff to oogle and inspire.

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