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Gratitude Parade II

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful feast with all those dear to them.

Now for day two

 I’m grateful for a wonderful husband that supports all my creative outlets, even and especially when the housework suffers and dinner is a little late.

For my children: Alex who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Josh who is always willing to lend a hand even without being asked. Neil who is a great sounding board for all creative ideas. And Anna who keeps me young by including me in all her fun adventures.

 For my parents. My mom who has always encouraged me to develop my talents and is my greatest cheerleader. My dad for all his wisdom and the great example he set not only for me but my children.

 My sisters; Julie who helped me get my foot in the door by allowing me to design with her beautiful fabric. Lori who lets us come and visit sunny California and enjoy her company and hospitality. And Becky who takes great family pictures for me and lets me steal her children and enjoy playing with little people every now and then. And my brother, Brian who is a good friend and always willing to help out.

 My paternal grandma for being such a wonderful lunch companion throughout my whole life. My paternal grandpa for sharing his love of gardening with me. My maternal grandmother for her loyalty and example of overcoming hard things. My maternal grandfather example of hard work and honesty.

 My aunts, uncles and cousins and all the wonderful Bear Lake memories.

And our dog Spike who is my faithful companion when everyone else is gone during the day.


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