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Gratitude Parade III

Welcome to day three

I’m grateful for my share group that every other week shares what they’ve learned along with a lovely lunch.

 My SQS group and Layton Quilt guild for the almost 20 years of friendship and learning. They took me under their wings when I was a newbie and taught me everything I know about quilting.

 For the wonderful young women I’ve had the privileged of enjoying every Wednesday evening, at girls camps, youth conferences, and Sunday lessons.

 For all the wonderful nurses, doctors and other patients I met through my care that gave me courage and insight. Especially Ginger who has blessed me with a means to give my quilts to so many in need.

 For Sarah and her H2H drive each year that help me boost the number of quilts I can give to those wonderful people. To all the quilters who share their talent to help this cause.

 To everyone who reads my blog, joins my link ups and leave such kind comments.

For all of you who keep blogs that give me so much inspiration.


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