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Gratitude Parade IV

Welcome to day four. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

 I’m grateful for good neighbors who take care of me with meals when I’m sick and relieve me zucchini when my garden is a little too prolific.  

For a wonderful community that is safe and full of wonderful people who work to create fun Fourth of July celebrations, Easter Egg hunts, and Christmas lights and caroling events.

For a great local produce stand (in the winter it has Christmas trees)

For a grocery store where the checkers know me and bag boys that help with all my groceries.

For all the wildlife I see on my morning walks, from deer to the tree so full of birds it sings.

For my friends grandpa who waves to me from his horse as he goes down main street.

For all the little kids that use my rope swing and hopscotch now that my kids have grown up.


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