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Great Grandma and Me

I never met my Great Grandma Ida.  She passed away the year before I was born.  I have seen a lot of her handiwork and felt a connection to here.  That maybe some of my love of this art came from her.

I was thrilled when my grandma, her daughter gave me her quilt.  I loved the pattern so much.  I wanted to make my own.  If you’ve visited before you have heard this story.  I worked on this project now and then.  Mostly it sat in a bin patiently waiting.  Grandma would ask me about it when I would visit.  I’d always have to tell her I was still working on it.  Well her only living brother and sister passed away recently.  That was a wake up call for me.  I knew I had to finish it.  Thank you to everyone who gave their two cents as I decided borders.  

I put some of the piano keys that auditioned on the back.  Quilted it with a meandering vine.  And some day great grandma and I will sit and chat as we enjoy our love of quilting.

Linking up withSarah to celebrate this finish.


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