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Hexi Stars and More

As promised my hexi star progress.  I decided to go with large solid hexis between the stars.  I did this because;  One, when I pressed my hexi stars I forgot that I had used a fission pen and all my stitching lines disappeared. Two there would be a lot of bulk where the points met if I didn’t.  Finally I was worried that the points might not all match up and it would not look good. 

I made the large hexi by using my compass and measuring from the center of my hexi star to point on one of my stars.  Next I drew my circle and drew a line through the middle of it.  Then I took my background triangle and starting at the point where the line met the edge of the circle I laid it out so that the other side of the triangle hit the circle again.  I continued around the circle until I had created a hexagon.  I know there were probably more mathematically correct ways to do this but it worked for me. I glued this template to lightweight cardboard and cut it out.  Then cut out and pressed my hexis.  I also pressed my hexi stars around it to find my stitching line again.  Then started putting them together.  Here is what I have so far.

 Yesterday I had a Quilty Hug Sew In for Happy Chemo.  We were very productive.  We finished this top from squares I was given by a guild that I did a trunk show for.

 This one was made from blue, green, and yellow scraps, plus a bunch of left over red 2 1/2″ squares from another project.

Finally this top made from donated orphan blocks.  Now to find backs and get them quilted.


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