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Hip Hopscotch

A couple of years ago I took this class from Sherri.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and getting to meet Sherri in person.  I just love her blog.  I finished the top rather quickly, but because all three of my boys wanted it (the call it the Mitsubishi quilt)  and I didn’t know how to take care of that problem I set it on the shelf and there it remained.  

Well I pulled it out last week, made a back and basted it.  Now I’m working on getting it quilted.

I still don’t know how I will deal with the demand for this quilt but I’m ready to have it finished.

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  • Lara B. says:

    The Mitsubishi Quilt, LOL
    It looks really cool Em. Perhaps you could hold a chore lottery? Bwah hahahah!

  • Sherri says:

    Yay! I like Lara's suggestion for the chore lottery!

    Have a great weekend…and thank you for the kind comments! I love your version of this quilt!

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