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Hoping to Get a Few Things Done

We have been sick at my house.  My oldest,  not so affectionately, is calling it the Black Death.  And it just seems to linger.  My poor N has had it for three weeks now.  Consequently not a lot of sewing has been going on, hence the lack of blog posts.  I’m finally feeling better and hoping to have a productive week.  

Like adding a few more blocks to my quilt I’m reproducing from mygreat grandma’s.

Hoping to get this sandwiched and bond.

I have a project for Moda Bake Shop I would like to get done this week.  

Then if I’m really productive, I’ll dive into this stack of tops and backs needing to be quilted.

What are hoping to get done this week?


  • hetty says:

    Sorry to hear about the sickness at your house. Not nice. I love your blocks for your great grandma'x reproduction quilt. They are lovely. I just finished another scrappy baby quilt and I think I am sewed out. I have some gardening that has got to be done, so that is what I am doing this week. Hope to get back to quilting next week.

  • Karen says:

    The block design you are reproducing is very interesting. I don't remember ever seeing anything like that.

  • Nedra says:

    So sorry to hear your family has the crud. I hope all are feeling better soon. You have some great quilts in the line up!

  • Peg - Happy In Quilting says:

    Sorry to hear your family is not well….love your blocks..

  • P. says:

    That's a great block you're reproducing from your grandma's quilt! I've been inspired by my grandma's quilts too and am doing a tute of a block right now. Love finding new inspiration in those great older quilts!

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