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The Houses Jack Built

Last September I was given a brown paper bag. It contained two mystery fabrics that I was to use to make a quilt. Well when I opened the bag and saw the fabrics I drew a blank. I didn’t like the fabrics. The colors were dull and boring to me. So the bag of fabric sat. I seriously thought of doing nothing with them. But for some unknown reason these fabrics would not let me alone.So on the 1st of September I pulled out the fabrics and my scrap bag and went to work. With only 22 days to meet the deadline I started sewing. I fussy cut all the Mother Goose characters out and made them each a little house. Then I grouped them together. I think I could have done better with this. But here it is. My Challenge quilt. I call it The Houses Jack Built. I finished binding it today. Just in time for tomorrow’s deadline.


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