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Housing My Friends

Almost three years ago I participated in a siggy swap.  After awhile I put them together in a rail fence setting.    Then they sat, and sat and sat.  I had the idea to set them on point and surround them with log cabin blocks cut in half diagonally.  I even did the math to figure out how big the log cabins would need to be.  I got stuck there.  30″ log cabins seemed daunting.  Well, Saturday I jumped in with both feet.  I started with a charm square.  Next I pulled out all my strips from 1″ to 2 1/2″.  Then I went around and around.

It took some time but I did it.  Two 30″ log cabins, bright, happy and ready to house my friends.

I cut them in half diagonally.  Set each half  cabin across from it’s sister, then sewed them in place.  

Now that my siggy friends are housed I’ll add some soft batting to keep them cozy and fun quilting to keep us stitched together.  


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