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Last fall I taught a spiderweb class at a private retreat for some friends.  They really loved my Stellar Stars Caught in a Web.  I wanted to show them other ways this fun quilt could be put together so I started this bright and cherry quilt. 

 I put it away shortly after the class because I was running out of background fabric, Trade Winds by Lily Ashbury for Moda.  It did not help that I made that  center left block backwards.  I’m sure you’ve never done that before.  Grrrr!

 I found it again while cleaning.  I really wanted to make it bigger and thought maybe I could maybe find a similar background as I knew it would near impossible to find the Trade Winds fabric as it is several years old.  On a whim I thought I’d do a Google search and see if I could find any.  At first I only found other pieces in the line.  But lucky me after several stops around the web I found a yard of it.  A few days latter it arrived at my home.

I cut me some more kites and got busy make more webs. This time being extra careful not to make any backwards.

Smiling as I chained them through, cause these bright cheery colors sure make me happy, and I feel so lucky to have found more background.

From Keepsake Quilting

Garden Tea Party Block of The Month Quilt


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