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I Heart Crayons

Who doesn’t love a new box of crayons?  The possibilities are endless.  DD thinks it’s horrid that their are back to school adds now.  The last two mornings on my walk they have been repainting the crossing walks in front of the two schools I walk by.  It is inevitable summer is ending and fall will soon be here.  While at the store yesterday I passed a big box of crayons and could not resist the urge to buy them. 

 All our current crayons are dull, broken, and no longer hold the charm they once had when they were fresh out of the box.  So what do you do with all those old crayons.  I’ve been perusing pintest with that goal in mind.  I’ve found a few things worth trying. Yesterday my friend Ruth and I tried one out.  We melted the crayons and used them to paint on fabric.  The tutorial is here.  I started with houses.

Ruth did houses with flying geese.  Yes, she is a better painter than me.  You had to paint fast as the crayon cools and then it is useless to paint with.

Next we ironed them.  I went first and we soon found out that you have to press and not move the iron around or your colors melt into each other.

 Lesson learned Ruth’s turned out better.

I think there is great potential here.  Once you get all the wax out I think it would be fun to do some bobbin drawing and free motion quilting.


  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    The kids here have been in class since this past Monday!

    My mom had my sister and me draw and color on fabric in the 50s after which she ironed (pressed) and framed the results / my sister still has a couple of hers.

    Yeah for new crayons!

  • Val's Creative Life says:

    Love what ironing does to the picture…I'm going to do this with my second grade class this year….right after I go buy myself a new box of crayons too! (The teacher deserves a new box right!) I also love the smell of new crayons!!

  • Lynn says:

    Wow! So fun and creative. Coloring and fabric all in one! My idea of the perfect project.

  • Lisa Chin says:

    These are really fun! I love how your paintings turned out! And now is the perfect time to buy crayons too! Although I think this is probably a better project for all those old and broken crayons if you are just going to melt them. 😀

  • Becki says:

    My oldest daughter always loved a new box of 48 crayons. I bought her one a couple of years back–even though she is in her 30s!!!

  • Karen says:

    I love the aroma of a newly opened box of crayons. Reminds me of grade school and that was a long time ago!

  • Sarah Craig says:

    I actually love the way yours ironed up – it gives it a very artsy feel! Cute idea!!

  • Peg - Happy In Quilting says:

    These look so good….

  • antique quilter says:

    what a fun idea and I bet it was a fun day with your friend.
    I agree quilting it would be great , a little wall quilt love this idea
    a new box of crayons always makes me happy, have to say I moved on to colored pencils but your post makes me want to go out and buy a box of crayons! Kathie

  • hetty says:

    What a fun day you must have had. I love the results. When my family and I first immigrated to Canada I was very depressed and missed all my friends and grandparents. Then someone gave me a 64 pack of crayons for my birthday. I had never seen anything so beautiful! I didn't want to use them. But they cured my sadness.

  • Mary K says:

    That is so funny. I just bought a box (and a coloring book) too and I am 53 years young!

  • Nedra says:

    I remember the smell of new Crayons at the beginning of a School year 🙂 Timeless experience. Your artwork and your friends are both wonderful!

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