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I Heart this Project

 When I received my Great Grandma Ida’s quilt I was elated.  I just love the design!  I love it so much I wanted to create my own rendition of grandma’s quilt.  I have run into a few hiccups in this process.  Like when i ran out of the heart fabric.  Thank you to everyone that helped me to locate some more.

Well the newly found fabric arrived but progress on this sweet little quilt was not happening.  That changed when I went away for a few weekends.  The DWR was too hard to take traveling so I got this one ready.  I got all the applique ready in open sew at quilt fest.  Turned them at a fun concert by Six Small Words.  Then got busy sewing at my parents this weekend and made a few more blocks.

Good thing, my grandma ( Ida’s daughter) wants to see my rendition.  I’ve been putting her off because I felt there wasn’t much to show.  With my small progress I think I’ll give her a peek.


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