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Moving It Forward

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Here at the Bailey home are Christmas wishes were delightfully fulfilled. The drizzling rain of Christmas Eve turned to snow that fell most of Christmas day. Making for a beautiful white Christmas. Looking forward to making a snowman today and sledding later in the week.

I made a little progress on my hour glass blocks with little bits of time found here and there. A few rows completed and sewn together. A few more in various stages. Just chaining them through and stitching them on as they are complete. 

 I also got a lot of quilting done on Uncut Diamonds. I like the way the quilting I chose makes the diamonds puff out. I thought of leaving it that way but I’m afraid there may be too much area not quilted. So may go back and add a little in each diamond. You, who have more expertise, I have any advice? I’d love a little input.

Were you able to find any sewing time over this busy time of year? If so I’d love to see how you are moving things along.

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  • Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    That red sashing really sets off those blocks. Great choice! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  • Kathleen says:

    I would suggest you just stitch in the ditch, on the seemliness, or just inside them. Or just on the outside seam line, that will make the colors pop!

    but then, i like the look of stitch-in-the-ditch on everything!lol, it's gorgeous.

  • Karen says:

    Your work in progress is oh so scrappy good.

  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    No forward progress but lots of other goodness going on. Your hourglass blocks look super!

  • Kimberly Smith says:

    You had a White Christmas! Lucky duck! They are rare here in the mid-Atlantic. While I do not have more expertise, if it were me I would want to reinforce the intersecting seams at the diamond centers. Maybe a small X over each intersection, in or not in the ditch depending how they are pressed. Just my 2 cents' worth (or less, lol). Thank you for the linky party!

  • Angie in SoCal says:

    I like your hourglass blocks both sashed and unsashed.

  • piecefulwendy says:

    You were fortunate to get snow following the rain. We had rain and then it froze, making everything very slick. I really like your hourglass blocks with the red sashing! Wendy at piecefulthoughts[at]gmail.com

  • audrey says:

    Love seeing your Hourglass blocks! I've been thinking about making some myself.:) Not much quilting stuff going on around here, just plodding along!

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