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I Might Have a Problem

It’s no secret I love scraps quilts.  They are my favorite.  All those little bits of fabric playing so nice together makes me smile.  What you might not know is the obsession I have with those little bits.  I can’t bring myself to part with even the smallest piece. I cram them into bins

 I use them for therapy.

 Friends who know of my secret bring me little baggies full of them.  I sometimes even buy them.


  • Podunk Pretties says:

    What's the problem? It looks and sounds perfectly normal to me!

  • Quiltdivajulie says:

    I don't buy them, but I do save ever so many little bits – and strings – and clean cuts – and bits of trimmed off strata . . . maybe we need to organize a scrap swap . . .

  • hetty says:

    Is it wrong to love scraps? I have two huge bins, full of scraps, under my sewing table. And I love them all. Can't wait to play with them.

  • Sarah Craig says:

    I think I may have to join you – I have thirteen bins of scraps at my house, and I don't even want to think how many at church in the quilt ministry sewing room! But fabric is so expensive these days, it's hard to waste any of it!

  • Needled Mom says:

    Is that NOT normal???????

  • Karee says:

    Early morning scrap validation! Thank you for being sympatico!

  • Karee says:

    Early morning scrap validation! Thank you for being sympatico!

  • Karen says:

    Nothing wrong with saving and using scraps and more scraps. I dig in mine often for pieces I can use for applique. Doesn't use up a lot like making the scrap quilts that you make.

  • Tired Teacher says:

    I LOVE scrap quilts. My bin is starting to overflow, so it's time to come up with a solution – another quilt.

  • Brenda says:

    want some of mine, lol? I have spent 10 bucks mailing bags of scraps to swap partners and got some great stuff in exchange. I love other people's scraps. I've busted lots of my scraps with my Go cutter and now I have bins of squares and triangles.

  • Angie says:

    Hmmmm I seem to have the same ailment 🙂

  • Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    I actually caught myself digging through the waste bin in my sewing room pulling fabric bits out that I had tossed. I guess I had lost the willpower I had the day before! Hurray for scraps!

  • Debra says:

    You've got me thinking of my scraps… something I resist.. but as I look around my sewing room, I have plenty of!!! LOL I guess I am a scrapper too!

  • suemac says:

    I am making little 4" bow tie blocks out of scraps. They are so cute. They really go quickly with my bow tie die from Accuquilt.

  • Julianne says:

    You're not alone! ME TOO!!

  • Maree says:

    You must be my twin – everything you said sounds just like me. I cannot say no to other peoples scraps and have been known to buy them as well. I do make a lot of scrap quilts and regularly sew the smaller crumbs into 4" blocks to be used at a later date (and I have used those small blocks in several quilts).

  • Terri says:

    Me too. I even save the snippets of fabric and threads to fill furry fabric for floor pillows. I've given away two giant ones to the oldest grandgirl. We are just too old to sit on the floor anymore. Can't get up afterwards.
    At least you are getting something for the money you put into the fabric. Think how much the other therapy would cost, and you don't get anything to show for it. Lol

  • Lynn says:

    My lqs had a sale this past weekend. I actually went and bought scraps. That's how I know I have a problem. At least our problem is a frugal one.

  • audrey says:

    So much fun! I love getting scraps from others especially because then I have little surprises to work with.:)

  • Mary says:

    You are not alone. I'd rather play with my scraps than my nice new fabric, and to mix in someone else's scraps, well that's heaven!

  • Marie says:

    You're not alone. Just sayin'…

  • Vic in NH says:

    Scraps are both freeing and inspiring, wheee!

  • Anonymous says:

    And the problems is????? I just don't see one. Scraps are awesome, inspiring, and invigorating. Go have fun!

  • Ruth says:

    Me too! Is there a support group?

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