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I’m Doing A Happy Dance ~You Can Too Giveaway

Earlier in the week I got a call from Barbara Murdock, a former president of the Utah Quilt Guild, letting me know that she had 10 large bags full of quilts for Happy Chemo.  Man was I excited!  It took me until now to get up to her place to collect them.  And when I got there, there weren’t just 10 bags but 12!  Barbara had gone to Cali on a trip so her hubby and I stuffed my Suburban from front…

 to back with quilts.  There was just room for me.  And I had to open one of the bags and stuff the quilts in holes I could find so I could see out the passenger side window to drive down the canyon on my way home. 

 It’s been a dream of mine since I started this to be able to fill my Suburban with Quilty Hugs and today I DID IT!!!!  So to celebrate I’m having a give away.  If you can guess how many quilts I stuffed in my Suburban today.  This fun charm pack will be yours.  If more than one person guesses the right number I’ll put you all in the pot and pick one lucky winner.

Good luck to each of you!  May you soon join Ginger, Happy Chemo founder, and I in a big ol’ happy dance!  I’ll pick the winner next Friday, Aug. 5th.


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