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I’m Home with my Promised Story

I had so much fun!!!! I had delicious food to eat, little if any sleep cause we were up talking, laughing and just being silly. We made fun crafts, and just enjoyed the company of wonderful girls and women. These pictures are actually from 3 years ago. Yes I have had the privilege of being a leader at girls camp 4 times now. I have loved it soooooo much. Except for the one little mishap I had two years ago for which I thought they would never let me return. Details to follow…

Here we are beading bracelets. Here we learned how to make bread.

Aren’t they just the cutest girls?

Now to my embarrassing camp experience. Two years ago we camped by a river we could float down in tubes. It was so much fun floating down the river on a hot summer day. We had just got back from a beautiful hike and the river was beckoning us. I had popped my tube earlier in the week but one of these kind ladies let me barrow their tube. It was bigger than mine and harder to get in and out of. I had got stuck so I got out to get back in the current. When I sat down my blessed knee went out. My silly knee cap thinking it should reside on the side of my knee instead of on top. I tried to get it back in as I floated down the river but that darn thing is stubborn. My neighbor (who is one of the girls fathers. He being up there in case we needed a little help, which I did.) was just behind me. I called to him “John, my knee just went out. He tried to catch me but the current by this time was carrying me faster than he could catch up to me. I was a little worried because the place were we got out was coming and there was a small waterfall just past this place. Fortunately there were a bunch of girls there and I called for them to grab me. They pulled me out of the current. I just lay there in the tube while a few of the girls ran to get help. It was decided that the my staying in the tube was best because the tube was supporting my knee and much less painful for me than not having that support. (I know this because the last time it went out I was at the gym and was carried out by 4 buff men on a step aerobics platform. There was nothing under my knee that time and I was wishing I would just pass out so I could not feel the pain or deal with the embarrassment of being sweaty and gross from my workout. One of those buff men asked me if I had dreamed of being carried about by strong men. I told him this was not quite what the fantasy had been. Oh me and my embarrassing knee.) Anyway they brought a Ford Explorer down slid a blanket under me and the tube. Slid me into the back of the Explorer. Where I proceeded to bump down the canyon praying that we would not crash as there were not seat belts involved in that transport to the emergency room. Where they had to put me out to get that darn knee into place.


  • hetty says:

    Ouch! That's quite a story! Glad you were okay. But floating down a river sounds like lots of fun! Hope your kneecap stays where it is supposed to!

  • Trisha says:

    Oh, Em! That sounds awful! Glad you had a good time with no unfortunate events.

  • Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie says:

    Em, what a painful story. That had to hurt. Hope your feeling better, it does look like you girls had a wonderful time except for that knee.
    Keep Stitchen'

  • Lurline says:

    What a 'bad luck' story – hope all is well these days!
    Hugs – Lurline♥

  • Tina says:

    Oh, that was an adventure! One not to be repeated! Glad this year was so fun for you! Welcome home.

  • Julia says:

    Oh, that sounds so painful..hope it didn't happen again and it's Ok now..

    Julia ♥

  • A Spoonful Of Sugar says:

    Girls camp looks like heaps of fun! I help out at my daughters Girl Guides occasionally which is always fun too. Hope you knee has settled down and hasn't caused you any more pain lately.

  • Unknown says:

    Ouch! Big Ouch!! I hope that all is better with your knee now. It sounds like it is a recurring problem. Have you had any advice from the doc?

  • Needled Mom says:

    Oh dear…that could not have felt good!!! I'm glad you had an uneventful journey this time.

  • Ginger Patches says:

    Ouch my knee is hurting just reading about it…poor thing. Camp looks like it was too fun!!

  • Sara says:

    Sounds like you have a wonderful time at girls camp! Except of course for that knee, love the story though of the buff men!

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Wanda says:

    Girl Scout camp is AWESOME!!! Not only do you have all the wondeful (and not so wonderful) memories but you are helping create memories of the future! Hats off! I'm glad those girls could grab you before you got the waterfall!! My dad was our town's girlscout leader for a year or two..for the seniors. And what a perfect man for the job…having 4 girls of his own!!

  • Unknown says:

    My knees feel sore just hearing about yours !

  • Unknown says:

    OUCH! When we were little my cousin's knee did that on occasion – she was always in so much pain with it too. So glad that everyone worked with you and the tube that time around. No injuries this last week – right?

  • TaraB says:

    What an exciting time! I have never been to girls camp because of my diabetes – but would sure love to go!!!

  • Finn says:

    Hi Em, oh my, what fun to work with those girls. They all look so very happy and I'm happy that you didn't injure yourself this time.
    The story of your knee going like that is just plain painful to read about.
    I think you were very brave in the face of a possible disaster. Tell that knee cap to STAY PUT!! Hugs, Finn

  • QuiltedSimple says:

    Oh what a painful story! Glad it went back in ok – even if you were knocked out:)

  • Anonymous says:

    Ouch so glad they managed to put your knee back.

    It looked like a wonderful camp for girls to have fun and learn a lot.

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