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In Honor of Spring

Spring is in the air and Easter is this weekend.  So to honor these fine occasions I’ve have put together these blocks from my Garden Party pattern.  They have been hanging on the clothesline for over a year in a ziplock bag.  I had run out of the sashing fabric.  I finally got some more, not a perfect match but because I’m a scrappy quilter I’m fine with that.   

Now for sandwiching and quilting.  I’m thinking some big stitch might look good in the setting triangles.  What do you think?

Just a note in creating these post I found that my website was down and that it has been for a few days.  Grrr!  Apparently the card they had on file had expired.  Which was taken care of and I had payed Go Daddy but some glitch happened and it was shut down.  It’s up again and I apologize if you went to visit and we were not home.  We’re back so come and visit.


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