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After sitting on my design wall for a week or so I decided I liked the orange prints better than the darker ones with splashes of color.   I really liked the way the blue and orange played together. Made me wonder why I had never done a blue and orange quilt before. Kind of makes me want to dive into these two scrap bins and have a little play. 

After making the island blocks I assembled the quilt.  I decided to quilt waves in a dusty blue color. I ran out of thread about half way so a quick trip to the quilt shop was in order. After this minor detour I was able to finish quilting it. Then I bond it in a blue print with green leaves in it.

 Finally I broke it in last night as I snuggled under it while reading a good book. Linking up with Sarah and Crazy Mom so celebrate. Specials from Sponsors Save 13% Off Your Order at Shop Fons & Porter with Offer Code LUCKY13 Shop the Best Gifts for Needle Artists at Keepsake NeedleArts


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