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It’s Like Family

I had a delightful time in Panguitch.  Everyone there is so friendly so that even though my friend, Marilyn could not make it.  I never felt lonely.  It’s like everyone is family.  I even got to meet a sister sewist and blogger, Em Now that was a great treat.  Here we are together with my Maverick Star Quilt.  The great Em&Em dual.  And because of a little mix up I got to meet up with her again on the way to my parents.  Now that I know how close she lives to my mom and dad we are planning other meet ups.

Speaking of family my Maverick Star class was full of families.  Here is Shirley and her daughter.  Sorry I can’t remember her name.

 And there was Dani and her daughter, Bri.  They were there with Dani’s mom, and other daughter, Regan, and a friend and her daughter, Mika.  I spent quite a bit of time with this fun group.  And they generously shared their picnic with me on Saturday.

Then there were these fun sisters Jan

Lisa, who by the way, brought some real fun music to class. 

And Chris

They were a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed having them in my class.  It really was a fun weekend.


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