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It’s a Revolution

I love my little quilt group. They have been so good to me in the last about 13 years. They took me in and mothered me. I think I’m the baby of the group. They taught me how to do so many things quilty. Giving me tips and trick to make things easier. They were there for me when I first got sick. I remember a package coming in the mail the day I went in for a surgery. It meant so much to me. I will never forget that little kindness and so many others over the years.

Now it’s my turn to give back. As president I’m trying to make a fun year for them all. I have a wonderful board. They are dependable. They go the extra mile to make my job easier. All the ladies are so kind to overlook my many mistakes as I conduct and carry out guild business. They play so nicely by following my lead to use scraps. They have made the most beautiful scrap quilts. They have even gone along with my rebellion to tradition quilting.

(My son thinks its so weird when I say I feel like a rebel when I do liberated quilting. He says, “Mom your quilting.”

“I know I tell him but this is not my grandma’s quilt. I’m breaking all the rules.” Then I give a wicked laugh

He just rolls his eyes.

But I must say I was pretty proud of the revolution I started at quilt guilt last week. I taught these wonky stars. The ladies did a beautiful job and I do believe they enjoyed breaking a few quilty rules.

Here is Mary Jo’s


Sue K’s

Sue T’s

I didn’t get a picture of Denise’s she was chain stitching them and when I came around with my camera she had a lovely chain but no stars.

Let the revolution begin. (insert wicked laugh)

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  • Anita says:

    Hi Em, It's wonderful meeting one really special person, when you meet up with a crowd of them it is truly amazing. Your group sounds like a lovely lot. Bit of a rebel streak in you girls…..way to go. I love your sons comment. giggle giggle. Kind regards, Anita.

  • *karendianne. says:


    An enjoyable read; a great post! I love this one. I liked reading about your quilt group and how they've worked to care for you and alongside you. Supportive all the way. It made me smile to read how you naturally attract healthy, happy people to you. Something worth noting I should say! 🙂

    You're cute with your little bad self and this liberated work you do and now, getting the girls into it as well. I can see from the stars you're making them happy and feeling free! I love those Stars. They make me reflect on the one time I went off my Reservation and made a few of those for my Guild (at the time). They were fun and I was pleased. By the way, they were Yellow. hee!

    Apparently you were with me before you were with me. Yellow and Red friends, *karendianne.

  • Karen says:

    It is hard for some people to break from traditional rules and make those wonky blocks. Your friends were good sports to try and I bet they had fun.

  • Needled Mom says:

    I love the wonky stars. I'll bet they had fun trying them out.

  • audreypawdrey says:

    You are challenging the rules and encouraging others to question as well! I love it! It looks like everyone had fun breaking down the establishment.:)

  • Myra says:

    Sounds like a wonderful group Em! Glad you are enjoying creating with them! The stars all look wonderful! 😎
    Did you have surgery recently? What have I missed?

  • hetty says:

    I love your liberated stars! I have made them and they are so much fun. But be careful! They can become addictive. Sounds like a great bunch of quilters in your group. It is good to be surrounded by creative, helpful people.

  • Karen says:

    How funny, I am also the president of the night chapter of our Guild. I am going to put an emphasis on community quilts this year and our program last month was on scrap quilts. I'm doing the program in May, I hope it turns out. Aren't guilds wonderful?? Your stars are really fun.

  • Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie says:

    LOL, isn't it fun to be a rebel. I was taught to always abide by the rules and this has just opened the door. I know all the work you do being the president of the guild and the ladies will love using their scraps.

  • Lori says:

    I am a rule breaker too! It is fun to bring people over to the "Wild Side."

    I wish, I had a quilt group. It's all me, all the time! ;0)

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