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I’ve Got Sunshine

Yellow is one of my favorite colors.  It is sunny, bright, and happy.  So it is now surprise I like to use it as a background.  I did it with this quilt.  And most  recently with this charity quilt.  I had a bunch of leftovers from my scrappy trip around the world strips.  So I made them into four patches, and alternated them with yellow prints.  Because I didn’t have enough of any one yellow print.  There is no rhyme or reason to their placement.   I was just doing a little mindless sewing.  I think it will make a happy lap or baby quilt.

I’m also using yellow to off set these scrappy blocks I had the ladies in my Moody Blues Bee make me.  I’m waiting for a few more blocks.  Then I’ll lay them out and decide how many more I want to make.  Heaven knows I have enough 2 1/2″ squares to make several more.  

So even though spring can’t decide whether she wants to come or go I’ll still have a little sunshine.


  • hetty says:

    Love your scrappy sunshine quilt! Good way to use those left-over pieces from the trip quilt. I used mine in a scrappy quilt too. The other blocks are fantastic too. We still have snow on the ground, but I was out in my garden yesterday, cutting back some of last year's growth. It was so wonderful to work outdoors and see the bulbs pushing their way out of the frozen soil. But I think a sunshine yellow quilt would make me happy too.

  • pcflamingo says:

    (Smacking my head) …. why oh why haven't I ever used yellow as my spacer for my 4 patches especially in the spring? What a dunderhead! I have SACKS of 2 1/2" squares sewn into 4 patches just waiting for me to do my thing and build a charity quilt with them. Yellow it will be for the spacers or setting triangles – perfect! Thank you for the inspiration 😀

  • hetty says:

    Hi Em, it's me again. I looked through my 4-patches and found a whole bin of them. I hope you don't mind. I am going to let your quilt inspire me. I am using yellows for the solids between the 4-patches, but I don't have very much yellow fabric, so I think there will be a trip to the LQS in my future. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Lynn says:

    What a bright happy quilt, the yellow is perfect in it!!

  • Anne says:

    Great quilt – if you are still getting cold in your part of the world just keep looking at all that sunshiny yellow and think warm thoughts. :0)

  • Purple Pam says:

    What a darling yellow four patch quilt. I have been trying to do 4 patches with my 2.5 inch squares as a leader/ender thing. I like the way your yellow squares work with the 4 patches. Your color yellow is not overwhelming as yellow can sometimes become. Your framed squares blocks are a great use of scraps, too. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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