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A Finish and A Toy

 I had seen this as a block on pintrest and wanted to give it a try. So I cut a lot of strips, I mean a lot. I probably have enough for 30 more quilts. Yes I got a little carried away. Grant it I thought I would make this bigger, then changed my mind. I started it at a retreat with friends you can read about that here.

Last weekend my hubby found a new toy he wanted to go look at and wanted me to tag along. It was going to be a bit of a drive so I thought I’d use the time to finish up the big stitch in the center of this. I got most of it done on the ride. Then finished the rest while watching a movie on Netflix.

 Getting it this far got me excited to finish it. I took my sons’ dart board and used it as a template to make a large circle around the big stitch. I machine quilted around it and then continued making concentric circles until the whole thing was quilted. I’ll be linking up with Sarah and Cynthia to celebrate this little finish.

And here is my hubby’s new toy.


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