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Last Summer, when my sister told me she was expecting, March seemed a long way away.  I knew then I would be making a baby quilt for her baby, but it could wait.  Well, after my recent finishes here, here and here; I was looking at my list of quilts to do.  I noticed I hadn’t even started on the baby quilt and March is fast approaching.  So Friday I grabbed a layer cake I had on hand, that I thought would make a cute baby boy quilt.  Took some thought as to what I wanted to do with it and came up with this.

I cut into the layer cake.  Found some red I had on hand and started making stars.  I ran out of red for the stars about half way.  I didn’t feel like going out as I was already in my pj’s.  So off to bed I went and Saturday morning as soon as the fabric store opened I was off for some more red.  Then home again to make the rest of my stars.  Now I’m sewing rows together.  Soon I’ll have a top and by the time the blessed baby comes I should have a quilt.


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