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I’m not the best when it comes to house hold chores.  At our house we live on the healthy side of dirty.  I’m not a slob just not immaculate and we would seldom is ever pass a white glove inspection.  But when it comes to laundry I’m pretty good.  Every Monday and Thursday I get to the bottom of all hampers in our home.  Not only that it gets folded and put away.  I’m pretty proud of this.  And the bonus of all this laundry; not just clean clothes but dryer sheets.  Dryer sheets are perfect for applique.  And I have several going on right now.  I have these tulips.

And my Blue Bird Dresdens.  I can get seven of the petals from one dryer sheet.  So as the washer cleans and the dryer dries my clothes today I’ll be collecting dryer sheets so I can add to my applique blocks.

The rest of the house work can wait.


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