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Let’s Go Dutch

When I first started seeing whirligig quilts I thought of windmills. Which got me thinking of my Dutch heritage and I knew I had to design a quilt around them. I started playing on EQ and Let’s Go Dutch was born. The pattern includes; Let’s Go Dutch Baby measuring 48″x 55″ and

Let’s Go Dutch Momma that measures 71″x 85″. I quilted them both with swirls. I thought they looked like wind. Which worked really nicely with my windmills. The pattern is now available on my website. To celebrate I’m linking up with Sarah, after all a new pattern deserves a little Whoop Whoop! Make sure you stop by Sarah’s blog, not only will you get to see what everyone else is celebrating you can enter to win the giveaway she is having. Let me just tell you it involves lots of pretty fabric and you don’t want to miss out.


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