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A Little Help Please

I need a little help. I’ve started having Happy Chemo Sew ins to make quilts for Happy Chemo, an organization that gives gifts to cancer patients. What I need help on is ideas for quilts we can make. Simple quilts that will accommodate varying seam allowances. I was so glad to have Katie’s help. She had told me that he had made coin quilts at a charity sew in she had had. Now thanks to her, and the wonderful ladies that helped me yesterday. I have lots of coin stacks waiting to be put into quilts.

Pink Coin Quilt 2

I was also thinking my simply charming quilt would work. You can find the free tute here. If you would like to make one. I figure it is one that no seams have to match so seam allowances can vary. If you have any other ideas I would really appreciate them. I so want to make a ton of quilts for Happy Chemo. Also if you are in the Bountiful Utah area on Feb. 26 I’ll be having a Happy Chemo Sew In at Quilter’s Haven from 1-5 and would love your help.


  • Wonky Girl says:

    That is a pretty coin quilt. Simple string quilts on square blocks would be another where seams needn't match.

  • Jan Marie says:

    I don't have a suggestion but I think it is great that you are doing this. Would you like donated quilts also? I hope you are doing good.

  • Melanie says:

    I don't have a suggestion for a quilt pattern, but a website that I have used recently to come up with easier quilts to make for charity. maryquilts.com/

    Mary is a very prolific quilter who kindly gives instructions for most of her quilts. Keep up the good work, the coin quilt is really lovely!

  • Angie says:

    You might be interested in Sylvia's (Finn to us bloggers LOL) post on a fast strip quilt. I tried to copy the link here but that didn't work so if you just copy and paste from here: finnleah.blogspot.com/2010/12/lets-strip.html

    I think this could be used in a variety of ways. 🙂


  • Kasey says:

    The current Block Lotto block could be adapted for this purpose since it is basically coins but the "coins" are not lined up. Check out blocklotto.blogspot.com and you can find the link for the block, plus some of the liberated blocks from last year might inspire you. Hope you find some more ideas!

  • *karendianne. says:

    Gosh I don't know maybe a rail fence? Maybe not quite it but just a thought… I tell you what though, I love the things you're doing.

  • Lynn says:

    Crazy Mom (she's on your sidebar!) has lots of great inspirations on her blog. A sew-in!!! I'll be there! Oh wait I live thousands of miles away, can I donate one instead?

  • Vroomans' Quilts says:


    Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville – lots of free patterns for scraps, expecially the string blocks would work up fast and no worries on seams. I would send you a quilt too if possible. Do they need to be a specific size?

  • scraphappy says:

    I saw that someone already posted a link to Mary's sight. I had my girl scouts make blocks with her Haapy block pattern and they did it with great success. If 10 year old can manage it, it should work for anyone.

  • Jeanette says:

    I think a split nine patch would be a great block. If each person made a nine patch, then split it.
    You could then arrange all the blocks and make them into a quilt.

  • Em says:

    Em, I love making wonky star quilts and pinwheels are easy and fun to make! Great stash buster and seems to be happy. We could do a wonky star quilt-a-long if you are ever interested.

  • Paula says:

    OMG! It's my first time in yr blog and I have a crush on yr quilts!
    Absolutely love them! 😀

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