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A little Wonky Fun

In my final bee block for the month I was able to make any block I wanted. First I chose a basket block. As you can see I pieced some of the baskets. I then placed the back and basket pieces so they were both right sides up and overlapped a little and made a diagonal cut. Place them right sides together and sewed them together. The I repeated the process on the opposite side. I then used my roll of masking tape as a template for the handle. I squished it to make the handle more elongated. I tried bias strips first but could not get them to curve as small as I needed with out having bumps. I then lined up my handle with the basket and sewed them together. I think they turned out kind of fun. I see more of these in my future. Next I made a little house. The roof triangle was missing a corner so I added some cherry fabric to make it a complete triangle. Next I cut strips and squares and made windows and doors. Used my Nifty Notions ruler to make the sky on either side of my roof and put everything together. Another fun block to make.

The last two blocks are for Victoria’s stripes, plaids and dots challenge. I really had to hunt through my scrap bins to find stripes and plaids. Dots didn’t seem to be a problem. Then I just randomly put scraps together to make first this block.

And then this one. I sent them off yesterday. Victoria will keep one to put in her challenge quilt and if I’m lucky a set will head back to me.


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