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Look What I Found

Look what I found, not what I was looking for, but a treasure nonetheless.  I was looking for something for my neighbor.  I had put it in a special place so it would be safe.  It’s real safe now, cause not even I can find it. Bet you’ve never done that. But while looking I found this quilt my grandmother made for me when I was little.  It is hand quilted and full of cute pictures.  I remember a basket with tubes of the ink she used to draw and color the pictures.  The edges of this hand quilted quilt are still nice but the middle is falling to pieces.  It is a well loved quilt.

I also found these beautiful knitted afghans my great Aunt Nell knit for Alex and Josh when they were babies.  Aunt Nell was an avid knitter.  My mom, an avid garage saler, would buy every skein of yarn she found to keep Aunt Nell in yarn.  It still was never enough.  

So thankful for treasures found.  Hope that eventually I will find what I was looking for.


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