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Machine Binding Tutorial

If your like me you often have a big stack of quilts to bind.  Although I enjoy putting a binding on by hand, doing so takes more time than I often have.  So I do a lot of them by machine.  I recently learned a new technique.  It has a nicer finish than my previous method so I thought I would share it with you.

 First sew on your binding to the right side of your quilt.  I start in the middle of the bottom of my quilt.  When I come to a corner I stop a scant 1/4″ from the edge.

 Pull my binding back so it continues the edge of the next side as shown.

 Then fold it back along the next edge and sew in place. My method for joining the two edges of my binding can be found here.

Next I take my basting glue.  I like the bottle of Roxanne‘s comes in.  To be honest though once you have the bottle you can refill it with Elmer’s school glue.  Stock up in the fall when you can get it cheap.  But that long metal spout gives a nice bead of glue so start with Roxanne’s.

 Apply a bead of glue in your seam allowance.

 Press your binding over the bead of glue.  Making sure to cover your seam.

 When you come to the corner press to make 45* mitered edge.

 Put a dot of glue on the corner of your 45* mitered edge and a bead along the next edge.

Press into place.

 On the right side of your quilt stitch in the ditch between your binding and quilt.  You might want to baste a couple of inches and then check to make sure you are catching the binding on the back. Then stitch around your quilt.

 Here is the front of my quilt with the stitching done.

 Here is the back.

 And ta dah, the finished quilt.

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  • Needled Mom says:

    That is how I have been doing mine lately too and I love the look of the machine binding done that way. Nice tutorial on it, Em. I'll have to try the Roxannes as I always use a glue stick.

  • Flickenstichlerin says:

    That is a smart way, thank you for sharing.

  • Julierose says:

    Oh great idea–thank you so much–I do have troubles with those corners….
    hugs, Julierose

  • Loris says:

    Great tutorial! Your finish does look good. 🙂
    I sent off my two quilts to you yesterday. Hopefully, they will get to you soon.
    Happy Stitching!

  • Gentrie says:

    Great Idea! I have 6 quilts in a pile to bind and most of them are wall hangings this would be perfect for them!

  • Venus de Hilo says:

    I'm going to have to try that glue trick. Pins just don't deliver as straight and tidy edge on the back. Not that I care, if it's a wall-hanging, but I'm impressed with that nice, even, close-to-the-edge finish you show on the back, and hope I can duplicated it.

  • Lara B. says:

    This is so funny Emily… I did the binding like this for my quilt for Happy Chemo because I thought it would hold up better to frequent washing than a hand sewn binding would. And i was worried if it would be acceptable, but here you have a tutorial, LOL. It really does turn out the best machine sewn binding I've ever been able to do. A great start to finish tute too!

  • Leila says:

    Using glue is Brilliant! I am going to try this next time.

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