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Make the Most of your Fabric Scraps

Are your scrap bins overflowing?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the growing piles, bags and bins?  Are you looking for creative ways to make the most of your fabric scraps?  I can help!

Whether your scraps are larger chunks. (anything bigger than a charm square but smaller than a fat quarter.) Or maybe you have lots of scrappy strips in various widths.  Or are you questioning your sanity because you have crumbs. (Those precious pieces that are smaller than a charm square.)  I’ve got solutions.

When it comes to using my scrappy chunks I find my AccuQuilt Go the best way to get them into useable sizes.  So I can create.  I find the Qube sets especially useful for busting this size of scrap.  The 8″ and 12″ cubes are my favorite.  Check out this post to get ideas of ways you can use your scrappy chunks.

If scrappy strips are what fill your bins and bags.  Then check out this post.  It packed with tons of ideas from log cabin to improv.  If you like what you see there.  But you don’t have a lot of strips.  Try the Accuquilt Go strip dies.  They are a fast, fun and easy way to create a lot of strips.  In fact, I got carried away one time while cutting strips for log cabin quilt.  And I ended up with enough strips to make this pineapple quilt.

Maybe you just can part with those itty bitty pieces.  I get it!  You paid as much for them as you did for your yardage.  Plus they are so cute and full of precious memories of quilts past.  I wrote a whole book on these sweet little pieces.  I have to admit they are some of my favorite toys. 

Would you like more help taming your scrap piles.  I’m offering a FREE workshop on July 2nd at 1PM mountain time.  There is a special bonus for those who attend live.  But if you can’t you will be able to watch a replay for one week  Click to save your spot.

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