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Many Hands Make Light Work

I posted about these quilty hugs awhile back, when they were at the flimsystage.  The cute little bow ties where donated by Jan.  My dear friend Marilyn added sashing from fabric donated by my sister Julie and a border from fabric donated by my friend Sue.  Then I pieced a back and gave it to Lorri, a lovely machine quilter to quilt.  I recently received it back from Lorri and found a lovely green piece in my stash to make a binding.  And ta-da we have a wonderful quilty hug.

This beautiful chain quilt came to me with blocks in various stages along with some extra fabric.  I finished blocks and made a few more from the extra fabric, and added a border.

What I didn’t use on the front went on the back.  Then it was off to Lorri to be quilted.  Didn’t she do a lovely job?

Thank you to the many hands that helped to make these quilty hugs.  I know they will be appreciated.

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