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Happy Labor Day!  Summer is officially over and my pumpkin plant is taking over my yard.  

 It has four large pumpkins and several small ones.  My niece, Mary, for whom the Mary’s Garden is made in honor of, is very excited to see how big they will get by Halloween.  Every time she comes to visit she goes out to check on them.  You will see her head bobbing up and down as she looks for new pumpkins, hunts for zucchini, and picks all the tomatoes.

 Her next stop at my house is my bin of bits.  Mary love to sew.

 She is only six and is becoming quite proficient with a needle and thread.  She makes little pockets and pillows.  The green little pocket below is her latest creation.  She also helped me weave the place mat.

I have a feeling someday she will be a very talented quilter and gardener.


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