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Math Problems

I meant to have this top finished this weekend.  I had good intentions.  I put all my cut pieces in a project box along with the blocks I had finished.

 I got right to work on it when I got to the cabin with my friends.  Only to discover that apparently I can’t count.  Two of my blocks did not have all the pieces.  When I came across the first one I thought it was because I got mixed up.  I had originally planned it for a setting triangle then changed my mind.  I had all the half square triangles but was missing about half of the squares. (Notice the orange and blue with missing parts.) But it happened again. I don’t know where my brain was at that moment but I was missing almost half the squares and all of the half square triangles. (Notice the blue and red floral prints.)

I also noticed once I got home that I had sewn one corner piece and one setting triangle wrong.  So after a little cutting of extra pieces and ripping of miss sewn units.  I got everything put together and arranged.

 Not an easy feat, It was hard to get an even dispersing of light and dark blues and still have an even mix of oranges, pinks, yellows and reds throughout the quilt.

After a lot of shuffling and arranging I finally found a happy mix for this scrap happy quilt.


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