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Method to My Madness

While doing Scrap Happy Summer I had a request for the method I used to make the quilt I used for the button.  I had a lot of fun making my Garden quilt seen here and decided it would be fun to share.  So each Monday I will share the method to my madness for one of the flowers.  I thought I would start with the daisy.  It is my favorite flower after all.

For each flower you will need; a center square, 4 rectangles the width of your center square and about twice as long , 4 squares that measure about the length of your rectangles, and scraps of background fabric.

Take one of your squares and place a background scrap on a diagonal through you the square.  Make sure that when you sew and flip it that it covers the corner of your square.  Sew in place.

Trim the background piece so that you have a square again.

Fold back the background and trim seam allowance.

Repeat on the adjacent side.

Your square should look something like this.  Repeat with remaining squares and background scraps.  Varying the angle that  you sew the background on changes how the petals turn out. 

For the rectangles place a background scrap on the diagonal in one corner.  Once again make sure that it will cover the rectangle when you flip it back.  Sew in place.  Cut to size of rectangle and trim seam allowance.

Continue around rectangle until you have covered all four corners.

Layout your pieces in a nine patch.

Sew together and enjoy your wonky daisy block.

If you make one let me know I would love to see it!


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