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Method to My Madness~ Asters

It’s Monday again and time for Method to My Madness.  Hoping today to finally get the linky tool right.  Sorry about that last week.  Yes, I am technically challenged.  Today we will learn Asters.

You will need:

4 roughly square background fabrics

strips for the petals

a square for the center

Make sure that at least some of your strips are of the same width as your center.

First cut the background squares in half.

Place on a strip like so.  You want to make sure you are leaving enough strip above the point to ensure that you can make the point on your strip.  

Sew the other half of the square on the other side of the strip opposite of where you placed the first one.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  Don’t stress!  This is suppose to be fun besides it is a wonky block so a little character is good.

Trim to make square on both ends.

Repeat with remaining background squares.

Sew a strip between two of the squares you just made.  You want the center strip to be roughly the same width as your center square.  Repeat with remaining squares and a strip.

Sew your center between two strips.  Make sure that you leave the strips long enough to reach the end of your squares.

Sorry this picture is dark.  I don’t know what happened.

Sew this between your square and strip pieces.

Everything may not be exact but that’s okay.  Just line up the center and trim what is not needed.

Then you will end up with a fun aster block to put in your garden quilt.

Please share your blocks.  I’d love to see how your garden is growing.


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