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Method to My Madness~ Pansy

Welcome back to Method to My Madness Monday.  I hope you enjoyed last weeks daisies and had time to make a few.  If you did share them with us in the linky below.  This week we have pansies.  A happy little flower that I loved to sing about as a little girl in primary.  You can listen to the song here.  

To make this block you will need 4 purple squares and scraps in yellow and green.

Place a green scrap diagonally across one corner of a purple square right sides together.  Making sure that after you sew it on that green will cover the purple corner.

Stitch in place, fold, press, trim even with purple square.

Fold back the green corner and trim your seam allowance.

In the opposite corner place a yellow scrap diagonally right sides together.  Once again make sure that once it is sewn in place the yellow will cover the corner.

Sew in place, fold back, trim it even with purple square.

Fold back yellow corner and trim seam allowance.

Repeat with remaining three purple squares.

Arrange squares as shown.

Sew together and enjoy your little purple pansy.

Make a bunch and share them with us next week.  For now let us see all the cute daisies you made last week.


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