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Method To My Madness ~ Sunflower

Welcome to the final Method to My Madness at least as far as my garden quilt goes.  Today I will be showing how to make the sunflower.

The templates come from my Garden Party pattern.

You will need an assortment of fabric for the petals.  Depending on how you want to mix and match things you can do them all the same color or up to twelve different.  Because I like scrappy I chose twelve different ones.  You will also need light weight muslin and a background.

Cut out 12 of the smaller templates from your muslin and 12 of the petal templates from your chosen fabrics.

Place a muslin template on top of a petal template right sides together and stitch a 1/4″ along the edge.


Then turn right side out.  I use this handy little tool to make the edge crisp.  I won it once at a retreat.  It is basically a piece of wood with a mitered edge. 


Once you have made all your petals arrange them in the order you desire.

Next you will sew them into sets of three.  Start by sewing two together and skipping the third.  I do this so I can chain piece things.  Begin sewing at the bottom edge of your petal and continue sewing until you reach the muslin edge.

Now add your third petal in the same method.

Once you have them in sets of three, sew two sets together.

Finally sew the two sets of six together to complete your ring.  Place this on your background fabric.  Glue or pin in place.

Top stitch in place.  Using my perfect circle method and the template included in the pattern create the center of your flower.  Glue or pin it and top stitch in place.

Your block is complete.  Let me know if you make one.  I would love to see it.


Also if you have enjoyed this series let me know.  I might consider doing it again with the crazy love quilt.  But probably not until after the holidays.


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