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Method to My Madness ~ Tulips

It seems a little funny to be doing tulips on the last day of September.  The weather has cooled here.  In fact in parts of Utah this last weekend it snowed.  But I guess in the spring it snows too and it is Monday and I still have a few more flowers to do on my garden quilt.  So tulips it is.

 I used the template in Material Obsession Two on the Now and Then quilt.  Sorry my picture is sideways.  My computer died (won’t even turn on) Friday night. So I don’t have access to all my programs to manipulate pictures.  My dear hubby is going to try and resuscitate it.  He has ordered a part but it won’t be here until Thursday.  So please forgive me for having you turn your head for this pick.

I put the templates on lightweight cardboard.

On my quilt I used made fabric but, since I’m using all my made fabric on this quilt.  I pulled this log cabin block out on my orphan bin.

And cut my pieces out of it.

I run a gathering stitch around each one then pulled the threads until it started to cup up.

Next I inserted the template and pulled the treads until it was snug around the template. 

Pressed it good with Best Press

on both sides

Then popped out the templates.

Used an Elmer’s glue stick to baste them in place.  (A great little trick I learned this weekend from Eva Garlic this last weekend.  Tons easier than pins)

Then I just top stitch them in place.

And you are done!


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