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Monday Monday

By September 8, 2008March 31st, 2020Blog

My house that was so clean and nice on Friday now it looks like a tornado hit. The last few Saturdays I have been gone in the morning. My DD wanted to be in a musical our church is putting on. In order for her to be in it my hubby or I needed to be in it. Well, hubby doesn’t sing so that left me. This is way out of my comfort zone. I love singing in the shower, in my sewing room, to my children, but not in front of tons of people. What we do for our children. Saturday morning is the time my children usually do their chores. I have a job wheel that has each child’s name and underneath are jobs that spin so each week they have a new set of jobs. Makes it so no one can say his jobs are easier than mine, cause they know that in a few weeks they will get their turn with the so called easy jobs. Though I think I have made them pretty fair. I leave this wheel in my hubby’s hands so he knows what is suppose to happen. But somehow the last few weeks it has not happened like it should. To make matters worse the fathers and sons outing was this week and on top of the mess a family of six makes we had camping gear everywhere. I did get them to get that put away. Which made for a dirty clothes hamper that was a mile high and smelt like a campfire. So Monday rolls around and I look at the mess and want to just go back to bed. Anyone else ever have this problem.


  • Joyce says:

    Many many times. Now they are all grown up and have their own homes but I sometimes wish they were little and back here making a mess.

  • Donna says:

    even with only my 17 year old son and I there are days the housework seems overwhelming… Once I get started it never is as compeltely undoable as I imagine, but the not a clean place to look and “no choice” but to get it done does get me down… Hope you can get ahead.

  • Nanette Merrill says:

    I hate when things are in disorder. I got out lots of fabrics to cut up over the weekend and then I spent all weekend in the kitchen so my sewing room looks terrible. Now I don’t want to even go in there until its all put away. Oh well. Messes are necessary sometimes.

  • Teresa says:

    Well I only had three children and I certainly remember those days – can’t imagine how it must be with 6!

  • Peg - Happy In Quilting says:

    Well I do remember those days very well Em…always chasing your tail with little people…and I do miss those days, but I do like how it is now….how you leave the house (tidy) that is how you find it when you come home…..except when number two son drops in to raid the fridge…do they ever learn to wipe the bench down…..LOl…

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