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I have decided on a theme for the year I am president of my guild. As you probably already know I love scraps: Scrap baskets, scrap bags, scrap quilts. Little bits of fabric thrill me. My blog has a scrap theme. So it is only fitting that my theme should do with scraps. I thought I would take a positive spin on the hard times so many are facing with a little play on words. So without further ado my theme… “Scrap happens, make a quilt.” With that in mind I thought it would be fun to have a challenge each month to see what the ladies could create from their scrap bag. As a prize I thought Lurline’s dilly bags would fit the bill. Who know I might fill it with some scraps and maybe make a dent in my scrap bag. I had so much fun making a few this weekend. First I made one just as the instructions outlined. I learned my lesson last week. So before I tried my own thing I made this Christmas dilly bag. Lurline suggested beads on the ends of the ties. I had some fun ones that I though would look like little snowballs but I could not get the ric rac through the holes. But I found that they came apart. So I separated a few and used the centers like snowflakes on the ties instead.Next I took out my scraps. I had a bunch of bright fun half square triangles left over from the Unchained Memories quilt I made for my niece. You can see it here if you scroll down the page. I sewed these into flying geese to circle this little dilly bag. I was so glad Lurline included the math formula for figuring the circumference of a circle, or I would have been hunting through old math book. How not fun is that? Much more fun to be playing in my scraps. I used beads I had made from sculpty clay. They are mostly white with swirls of bright color. DD saw this and fell in love. We have decided that these filled with a little treat will make great gifts for her friends. So I have my work cut out for me. Good thing these are so simple and fun to make. Thanks again Lurline. I love your fun dilly bags!!!


  • Myra says:

    Great dilly bags Em, and a great theme idea.
    Is your daughter old enough to be taught to sew dilly bags herself? Ot at least some of them? Good bonding… 😎

  • Needled Mom says:

    Very cute theme and the bags are just darling.

  • Julia says:

    great Dilly bags Em..
    Lurline will be thrilled to know you made them from her tut..
    Julia ♥

  • Shari says:

    What a great theme! I suspect it will be oft repeated in the coming years…

    Will have to try Lurline's bag – she is so clever!

    Your bags turned out great – love the ric-rac…

  • Unknown says:

    Fantastic theme , have lots of fun with it !

  • Chookyblue...... says:

    love the christmas dilly bag……

  • hetty says:

    A great theme and some cute little bags!

  • Browndirtcottage says:

    Yes…lots of quilty goodness going on over here…I'm glad I finally got caught up with you!!!

    And your hair is cute…mine is about an inch longer and so easy to keep!!!

  • jovaliquilts says:

    Great bags — I love using leftover scraps and blocks to make them. I'm trying to make most (doubt I'll do all) my gift bags this year. I hope the recipients reuse them!

  • *karendianne. says:

    How totally super duper cuteamous! See, I always trust there's a reason for my blogging flow. I knew this one was worthy of a sit down with a cup of coffee and you know what my friend – I was right! This is so fun. I'm always "almost tempted" so I wont use that one again but I think my intention is to express how "lit up" the idea makes me. It's just the doing part…

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